Genius HYIP All in One Investment Platform

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Genius HYIP is a complete solution and automated HYIP investment script for an Online Investment Platform. Genius HYIP is created for the business owner who wants to start and promote their business in the Online Investment arena. Its an undoubtedly the largest Investment script with huge advanced and standard features.

User Features:

  • Smart Dashboard Statistics
  • Dark Mode Facility
  • User Registration System
  • Multiple Language System
  • Multiple Currency Opportunity
  • Advanced Transaction Sorting and Searching
  • All the Transactions with Details
  • Investment Opportunity
  • Investment History Sorting with Detail Information
  • Able to transfer Money and Transfer History
  • Send Request Money and Request History
  • Receive Request Money and History
  • Advance Deposit System
  • Previous Deposit Management
  • Standard Withdrawal System
  • Withdrawal History with Smart Sorting System
  • Referral URL Generate.
  • Referred Users Information
  • Referral Commission Log
  • Support Ticket Opportunity
  • Able to Edit Own Profile
  • 2 Factor Authentication Security
  • Password Changing and Recovery System
  • And much more…

Other Dynamic Features:

  • Advanced Profit Calculation
  • Standard Contact Section
  • Blog Sharing Opportunity
  • Able to Make comments on the Blog
  • Expert Member Contact Details
  • Email Notification System
  • Social Connection Opportunity

Admin Features:

  • Standard Dashboard Statistics
  • Advanced Menu Builder features to Manage Landing Page
  • Able to Select Built-in Menus to Website Menus
  • Able to create Custom Menu
  • Referral System and Level Management
  • Plan Creation Opportunity
  • Plan Management
  • Manages Plans Activation/Deactivation Status
  • Schedule Creation Opportunity
  • Schedule Management
  • Get All the Customer lists with details information
  • Customer Info & Status Management
  • Manage User KYC Approve and Reject Status
  • User KYC Information handling
  • User KYC Modules Management
  • Referral Service Activation and Deactivation
  • Able to set Referral New user and User Bonus.
  • Get all the Invests Information
  • Handle invests Status
  • All the Transaction with the details
  • Withdrawal Request Handling
  • Withdrawal Method Management
  • New Withdrawal Method Creation Opportunity
  • Deposit Management
  • All Money Request Management
  • Manages Money Request Settings
  • Blog Category Handling
  • Blog Posts Management
  • Logo and Favicon Management
  • Able to manage loader
  • Advanced Website Contents Management
  • Set Login Email Verifications Activation/Deactivation
  • Withdraw Activation and Deactivation
  • KYC Activation and Deactivation Settings
  • Two-factor Authentication Status Management
  • Disqus Status Management
  • Dynimcally Manages Theme Color
  • Advanced Currency Format Management
  • Phone Code handling
  • Footer and Error Page Management
  • Smart Website Maintenance Feature
  • Able to set and update breadcrumb banner
  • Manages holiday day setting
  • FAQ page Management
  • Contact Us page Management
  • Other Pages handling
  • Login and Registration Page Management
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Website Meta Keywords Management
  • Handing Social Links
  • Manages Sitemaps
  • Subscribers Management Opportunity
  • Subscriber Management Opportunity
  • Smart Cache Clearing System
  • And much more…

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  1. gregjanos

    Great design , for this price it’s a very good script
    And also the support so helpful
    I appreciate

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